Competition on is fierce

…And growing more competitive every day. The largely untapped European Amazon marketplace includes five countries which combined have as many Amazon customers as yet the level of competition is MUCH lower. This is how you can aim to double your business with less time, less stress and no race to the bottom on pricing.

Lower competition and plenty of customers means the European marketplace is similar to how was approximately 5 years ago. While getting your listings translated and correctly setup can seem daunting, once this step is complete you will have an additional Amazon income stream with the potential of double your sales depending on your products. The logistics of selling in Europe are quite simple – there is one UK hub for inventory which ships to all other countries.

Not just a translation service

As an Amazon seller you know how important a good listing is – the right keywords to get noticed in searches, and good sales copy to convert browsers into buyers. This is why straight translations simply miss the mark. You need talented copywriters living in each European country crafting your listings while following Amazon’s key listing principles to ensure the right native language is used, backend keywords are on point and all copy is fully optimized.

A machine definitely cannot do this, and a standard translator doesn’t understand Amazon or the consumer psychology enough to write compelling copy that sells. Our carefully selected team of translators each with marketing or eCommerce backgrounds writes excellent sales copy and optimises your listings for their own language and their specific market. This includes cultural and language details and market trends that only a local, native speaker, living in their country can provide.

Our service provides you with:

  • Recommended node and category for your product based on your competition
  • Pricing comparisons so you know if you should be pricing your products higher
  • Backend keywords and PPC keywords using up to date European Amazon search data
  • Optimized review follow up email template in each of the 4 languages (for Feedback Genius or similar)
  • Listing copy that is thoroughly localized and carefully translated by a local, native speaking copywriter who is experienced with the Amazon marketplace

How Long Does It Take?

Submit the English version of your listing and within 7 days we’ll return a full set of optimized Amazon listings for each of the 4 European markets.

How much does it cost?

Please contact us for a free quote.

How do I get started?

Sophie Howard

Sophie Howard has launched six-figure eCommerce businesses using
this same team of translation experts.